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Regular Collection Dolce 

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Shell 400 TC

The 100% cotton shell 400 satin yarns from the Regular collection is a nice choice for sleepers who love softness, lightness and breathability, for summer and winter.



A fine satin braided piping surrounds the entire down. 

Each shell is also equipped with four magnifying glasses at the 4 corners to be able to hang the bedding without risk of displacement.

Down alternative

With the fineness of a hair, microfibre is an excellent alternative to down for people with allergies or simply reluctant to natural materials. Breathable, airy and soft, microfibre is known for being "the synthetic version of down" and offers nights of intense happiness.

"Cortina" duvet and pillow

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A durable and breathable cotton bag. A black piping for a touch of luxury. Reinforced handles for safe transport. The presence of hang-tag to inform you about the Dolce collection in one click. 

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