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Deluxe Collection

The extreme upscale of your nights

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500 TC Shell

Designed by one of the best manufacturers in the world, the shell of the Deluxe collection is made from 100% cotton 500 threads satin finish. 

A guarantee of softness, lightness and a very high breathability. 


For this collection, the entire Dolce Bianca team has made a point of working with every detail: discover a sublime satin embroidery highlighting the beauty of the down.

The presence of a label indicates the direction of the down to facilitate its placement in the cover or on the bed, indicating "right side"



A fine satin braided piping surrounds the entire down. 

Each shell is also equipped with four magnifying glasses at the 4 corners to be able to hang the bedding without risk of displacement.

Sewn from the inside, the tiles have "invisible" seams which guarantee a high-end and durable finish.

Pillow cover

Just like the shells in our duvets, the pillows in the Deluxe collection have a 500-thread cotton satin cover: an eternal caress for the skin.

Capture d’écran, le 2022-03-15 à 13.24.16.png


Un sac en coton résistant et respirant. Un piping noir pour une touche de luxe. Des poignées renforcées pour un transport sécuritaires. La présence de hang-tag pour vous informer sur la collection Dolce en un clic. 

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